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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Same Name

I'm starting to run into something that people with names like Robert, John, Jim, or other common name have run into their entire life. Frequently having someone of your same name near you.

Up until now the only thing I have had is where I hear someone calling my name only to find that they are trying to track down their little girl. This phenomenon has only started happening in the last few years. When I was a kid I never encountered anyone with my name except Brooke Shields. The Brooke that started recently works on the other side of the building and in a department that I would not normally have interaction with. I believe she has struck up a friendship with a couple of ladies in my area that I work on projects with. I now frequently here them near my cube saying something like, "Brook said...". I have to decipher if there is something going on with a project I am working on or if it is Brooke and not Brook. Sometimes they will be having a side conversation while I am working with them on something and again they reference Brook and I have to get clarification because I think they are talking about what we are working on.

I don't know that any of this is a bad thing. It is just something I have never had experience with having a previously unique name.

Another extension of this that gave me a third grade chuckle was as I passed Brooke in the hallway she said, "Good morning, Brook." I retorted back with, "Good morning to you Brooke." Calling someone by a name that sounds the same as mine is unusual to me.



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