A Guy Named Brook

Friday, December 14, 2007

I Remember Getting Her Information

The name has cast it's magic hypnotic affect on our HR department. A co-worker friend of mine was checking on his benefits paperwork. He and I had turned ours in together.

In the mist of the conversation the HR person mentions something to the effect of, "I remember getting her information, so I must have gotten yours. At this point my friend corrects the HR person stating, "you got ~his~ information." There is at least one Brooke, with an e, in the company.

Not completely satisfied that they actually had his paperwork he proceeds to state "~he~ and I turned the paperwork into so-and-so and they put it into a manila folder." (Making a gesture pointing to the area in which he and I work – this is relevant since, as previously stated, a Brooke, female, works very near to this individual but in the other direction). Once again the HR person mentions that she has definitely seen “her” information. To which my friend replies once again “his” information. She then nodded her head and smiled.

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