A Guy Named Brook

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An 11 Year Old With a Full Time Job and Health Benefits

My eleven year old daughter needed to go to the Ready Med the other day. My wife took her in. The receptionist asked her for our insurance card. She gave it to him and then he asked if Brook was her daughter. So he either thought that the 11 year old that was standing in front of him had a full time job with health benefits or that that my wife, who looks like she is in her twenties (all the interesting things she runs into with that is fodder for another blog) had a daughter, that was not there, that had a full time job and was supporting her twenty-seven year old mother and 11 year old sister.

As my wife stated that Brook was her husband she could see on the receptionists face that the magical influence of the name Brook was lifting from him and he was again given control of her consciousness.

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