A Guy Named Brook

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Congratulations on the Volleyball Win

I had stated over and over again throughout my junior high and high school years that Brook without an e was the boys spelling and Brooke with an e was the girls spelling. Then during my senior year of high school a freshman girl named Brook without an e appeared. If that wasn't bad enough she was on the volleyball team. There were banners everywhere congratulating and encouraging this girl about her volleyball performance. The school was also under major construction which left lots of temporary walls that apparently were permissible to write on as well. So everyday coming through the temporary entryway there was this girl's name, which just happened to also be my name, everyone got to read "Good Luck Brook" with little volleyballs all over. And everyday I got to hear, "Hey good luck in the volleyball game. Bump, Spike, Win!"

Ok, maybe most of the "bump, spike, wins" I was hearing were in my head, but I still felt a deep gratitude (sarc) to Brook Wilson's parents for misspelling her name or even for giving her that name at all. You might say that I should be irritated not at her parents, but at my own. Here's what I say. I had the name first and she is a freshman and I was a senior. You can't just come into my school as a freshman and use my name in that way. The nerve of some people. ;-)

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