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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Twins are Hypnotic as Well

Well I have previously touched on the fact that the fact that my wife looks youthful as being worthy of a blog of it's own. The lectures she receives. The asking if her mother is home. Another topic that probably could be a fun blog is the hypnotic effects of twins. Just as people seem to lose their focus when encountering my name, a guy at work has said that people are equally mesmerized by twins. He has twin girls and he can not get the right food order for his twins for anything. If he orders the same meal for each of them he will get only one meal. If he orders one for them to share he gets two. He has gone so far as to tell the person at the counter that I am going to order two meals and they are going to be exactly the same and here's what it is and then they ask him what the second meal is. Or he will confirm to the person that he wanted two meals like that and they will say that they have it and he will have them read the order back to him and ask them how many meals they have and they only have the one.



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