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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is This You Wife's Account?

I went online to get my annual free credit history.  I ended up at ScoreSense, which is a pay service.  They said they needed my credit card number to validate my identity.  Apparently they needed my credit card to auto bill be after two weeks.

Once I noticed that they had put a $1 processing fee on my card and that they were showing me on their site as having a membership I called to have them cancel that membership and not charge me.  I was told that I would be charged the next week, so since I had canceled before then I would not be charged.

Days went by and I still saw the $1 charge on my credit card.  I called, yet again, to have it removed.

The lady asked for my name and my zip code.  I gave them to her and she struggled to find the account.  She asked me if the account was in my wife's name.  I know she is looking right at my name, thinking it is a girl's name, even though I just told her that was my name.  She asked for my email address and last four of my social security number.  I guess that was sufficient for her, because then we were able to move on and "expedite" my refund.  Apparently they wait three business days to refund my money when I called them and told them to do it immediately a couple of days ago.

Apparently it is ok to cancel your wife's account if you have her email address and the last four digits of her social security number.


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