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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is Your Refrigerator In Your Wife's Name

We have a Samsung refrigerator that we purchased almost a year and a half ago.  It had ice dams building up in the refrigerator portion of the appliance.  We called Samsung and after making me register on their web site they extended the warranty three months.  They replaced the fan unit in the upper back of the refrigerator.

Three months later the refrigerator started making the same humming noise that tipped us off to the problem previously.  I called Samsung again.  They were kind enough to extend the warranty again.  We were getting ready to go on vacation.  When we got back the humming had stopped, probably since we stopped using it and it had a chance to melt off some of the ice.  The repair guy came out and said he needed to call Samsung to see if they have issues with this model and how to prevent it from happening again.  I waited and waited to hear and finally called them.  They said Samsung had no good news and since it wasn't acting up there was nothing he could do.

I called the guy at Samsung who has been calling me every couple of days to find out the status of the repair, who up until then I had told I was still waiting and was willing to wait a little longer.  I gave him my name and he seemed to only here the last name.  While I search for the ticket number to make it easier on him, he said my last name sounded familiar.  He then asked, "Wasn't the issue in your wife's name?"  "You mean my wife Brook?", is what I wanted to say, but I was deep in this mess with the fridge that I let it go.


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