A Guy Named Brook

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Clearly You Are Not Brook

I was at work one morning earlier this week, when my boss comes in and tell me I have a flat.  We worked to get the spare on and then I headed to get the tire fixed.  The tire was not repairable, due to having a hole in the sidewall.  I ordered two new tires from Wal-Mart.  After over an hour they said I was ready to go.

Several people came up and even though the van was done, I figured I would have to wait behind them.  The guy at the counter pulled up my paperwork and got it going.  He knew it was me, since I had been waiting and checking on it.  He looked at the paperwork and said, "Clearly you are not Brook."  I told him I that was indeed me.  He quickly clapped his mouth closed and awkwardly moved to get me checked out.


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