A Guy Named Brook

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Could You Say That One More Time?

My wife went to a new doctor and she was giving insurance information to the lab desk.  The guy at the desk asked if she was she was the policy holder.  She said, "No my husband is."  Be aware that the policy holders' name is on the card she handed him.  He then asked her who the policy holder was and she said, "Brook."  Then he said, "No.  The policy holder of the insurance."  Again, he had the insurance card with my name on it in his hand.  She then said, "Brook, B R O O K."  He then asked her for her husband's name.  She then again said, "Brook."  The guy at the desk then said, "Brook is your husband?"  She said, "Yes."  He said, "That's spelled B R O O K?"  Again, he has the card in his hand and is looking right at it and she just spelled the name for him previous to that.  He then gave her back the insurance card.

Yet, another example of people hypnotized by the name Brook and not knowing what to do with it, even with all of the information in front of them.


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