A Guy Named Brook

Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Brother's Name Is Brook

I walked into a service business the other week and the lady at the front desk saw my name.   She commented that her brother's name is Brook and that I was the only other guy named Brook she had ever met.

I asked her more about her brother after I finished business there.  She said he was born about the same time as me within a few years.

His parents had named him Brooke, but he changed it in his teen years to Brook to drop the e. Likely right about the time Brooke Shields became popular. Before that time no one ever connected my name with a girl's name.

I got a little teasing about my name in high school at times, but no teasing about my name before Brooke Shields and there was nothing serious even in high school.  Perhaps he got some hassle for the e.

It was nice to be within one person of meeting another guy named Brook.


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