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Monday, May 14, 2007

Carded at Lowe's

I was at Lowe's a while back with a friend of mine. His wife's name is Dale and he told me she has several interesting stories of her own, but that is fodder for another blog. I get carded or looked at funny all the time as I use my credit card. If my wife is with me they hand her the receipt to sign even though I swiped the card. However, this time was exceptionally humorous, frustrating, and confusing all rolled in one.

We walked up to the cashier and I gave her my credit card. She looked at it weird and asked me for my driver's license. I was expecting that, so I had it ready. She looked at my driver's license and then a look of relief came over her. She then looked at me and sighed, "I just knew you weren't Brook." I replied back that I was indeed Brook. The question I didn't ask was, "What were you looking for on my license? Was the fact that my face matched my license picture enough to make it permitted to use someone else's credit card?"

You bother a customer to produce an extra thing from their wallet for apparently no reason. When you suspect there is a problem with someone using a credit card, you have no idea what to check to determine the legitimacy of the transaction.

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