A Guy Named Brook

Friday, October 8, 2010

Giving Blood

I gave blood last night.  The girl took me into the private booth and asked me for my id.  She set it on the laptop and began to fill out a form.  She asked me my name and birth date, which were all on the id, but maybe it was security or something.  I was a little put off when she asked me my gender.

I have gotten envelopes in the mail addressed to Ms Brook Niebauer.  I have also had restaurant servers try to give my credit card to a woman at the table.  This was a first being the only one in the room and having to be asked specifically my gender.  I know the name Brook is confusing for people at times, but when they are looking right at me and can't determine my gender it kind of hurts my ego.

As I was relating the story to a friend, he related that he had been denied payment on an ultra sound when his wife was pregnant, because they did not enter a due date on the form.  He called to resolve the issue.  He gave the girl on the phone the month and day of the due date.  They then asked him for the year.  Maybe some women on their plan have exceptionally long gestation lengths.


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