A Guy Named Brook

Sunday, June 20, 2010

You're Name Isn't Brook...Is It?

I went to get my oil changed and safety and emissions inspections done.  In an attempt to be able to call me by my first name, the attendant looks over my van registration and says, "You're name isn't Brook..." and after catching himself in mid sentence and pondering a moment, "...is it?"  He then tried to recover by starting to say that he had never heard of a guy with that name before.  As he was saying it I think he realized how some could take offense to that and continued on with the information he needed to convey to me.

Yet another victim of the mesmerizing name.  How do you go about that?  If you have never heard it as a boys name, how do you ask if it is their name?  It is awkward if you ask what their name is when you have the paper right in front of you.  It is awkward if you ask if their name is Brook.  If it is indeed a girl's name as you have assumed, then you feel like a dope.  If you ask the way he did that can also be awkward.

The guy was definitely in an unenviable position.  I, on the other hand, got material for my blog.  A hundred and some dollars is a small price to pay for such material.  Don't you think?


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