A Guy Named Brook

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I got an email at work from someone asking for my assistance.  They addressed me by my first name, Brook.  I responded that we needed two things from them.  They responded later with one of the things I needed and addressed me as "Ma'am".  I told them that I still needed the second thing.  Later another response addressed to "Ma'am".

I mentioned it to my cube mates and they said that I needed to call him back in my biggest bass voice and say, "This is Brook.  I just wanted to follow up and make sure everything was working for you."

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Office Supplies

A couple of women came into our room that has eight cubicles in it to deliver some office supplies to us.  It was just me and another guy in there at the moment.  Everyone else was in meetings.

One of the women asked me if the item she was passing out had been ordered for me.  I said I wasn't sure.  The other guy said something like, "They were ordered for everyone, but Brook wasn't in here at the time."  She then asked, "Where does she sit?"