A Guy Named Brook

Friday, July 16, 2010

Wisconsin 1910 Census

I was entering data into the computer from the Wisconsin, US federal census for 1910 when I thought I came across a guy named Brook.  The last name was difficult to make out, but it looked like Van den.  If that is accurate then his name is Brook Martin Van den.  I double checked the other columns.  He was indeed male.  It got more interesting when I found that he was born in Holland.  The first international tie I had found to the name.

As I was working on this post and looking over the data in the census I happened to wonder if his last name wasn't Van den Brook.  I am now convinced that his name is Martin Van den Brook.  Likely den or der is a conjunction in Dutch likely meaning of.  I think that is common in last names.

I would be interested in more information on this name from people that might have this surname in their genealogy or that have this name as their surname.