A Guy Named Brook

Saturday, April 18, 2009

This Is For Some Woman

I recently placed a hold at the local library to get a book from another library. I had to fill out a special form and the whole bit. Yesterday the book came in.

I went pick it up and the lady took my ID and found the book with my last name on it. She set the ID on the left side of her keyboard and the form I had filled out with my name and everything on the right. She looked at the form and exclaimed, "Wait a minute this is for some woman." I think a split second after that she should've looked at the ID more closely before blurting that out, because she quickly checked ID and said, "No. This is you?" She apologized and said that she hoped I wasn't offended. I told her I had an entire blog dedicated to the things I go through with this name.

It is almost an adventure at this point. Every time I give someone a form or have them look up my name in a computer.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Other Guys Named Brook

Here I will list guys named Brook I have run into. Feel free to comment and list your own Brook sightings. Maybe I will find out that this not as uncommon of a guy's name in other parts of the world.

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