A Guy Named Brook

Monday, August 25, 2008

Nigel? Isn't That a Guy's Name?

I was listening to Saturday's episode of Car Talk. A woman called in and gave her name as Nigel. The guys questioned, "Nigel?" Isn't that a guy's name?" They continued with, "Do you have a brother named Sue?"

I looked around a little and even Wikipedia took a shot at her stating, "The boy's name Nigel \n(i)-gel\ is pronounced NYE-jel."

Nigel went on to say that her sister was named Jetta before the car was created and she is very sensitive about it.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Squeak Squeak Clack Clack

As I was biking up the 1.3 mile hill to work yesterday I got down to the last .3 miles. I had just finished working it up a relatively flat incline. It started to get steeper. I have determined that when I get to these hills, rather than fight it up and then have to rest at the top wasting time, I generally get off the bike and walk to keep moving. I then hop back on the bike when it gets a little less steep.

On this day, at this particular hill, I start to dismount. While my leg is still in the air I hear squeak squeak clack clack and out of the corner of my eye I see something passing me. I look over and it is a girl, maybe a younger woman, on an old 1970s, big tire, no gears bike.

Then today, having never seen that girl before except yesterday I encounter her again today. I'm at about the same place, having just dismounted the bike and I begin walking. Then I hear squeak squeak clack clack. I turn and look and that same girl is gaining on me and shortly passes me. This time I notice on her back that she has a flute case strapped to her. Not that there is anything wrong with playing the flute, but the idea of a flute player conjures up images of a perhaps more delicate person and that perceived delicateness just passed me on her old bike. I should also mention that I just purchases a new bike, which is what I was pushing up this hill.

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Friday, August 8, 2008

I Get No Respect

My project manager gets a call from someone we have been trying to reach in the company to work on a report with. My PM asks if he understood "What Brook was asking in the email." The caller responds with, "I don't remember seeing the email she sent."

A slight pause from my team and then the PM proceeds. "A point of clarification. Brook is a guy...and standing right here." The guy appologizes. A moment later a friend of mine near by says, "To clarify further, Brook is a guy with a girl's name."

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