A Guy Named Brook

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Your Husband Is a Woman?

My wife related this from today.

Checking in at the Dr. office today and the receptionist says: You're Penny?
Me: Yes
Receptionist: Then who's Brook?
Me: My husband
Receptionist: And his last name is [a last name other than ours]? 

Yeah, took me 10 minutes to explain that Brooke [other last name] was a friend and that Brook [our last name] was my husband. 

Receptionist: So there are two Brook's?
Me: Yes
Receptionist: And you're married to one of them?
Me: Yes
Receptionist: And they're both women? 

Ugh!  My wife had just spent 10 minutes explaining the situation to her and told her specifically that Brook was her husband and HIS last name...

What is the hypnosis with this name?